Tiger Leaping Gorge
Pictures displayed in this gallery are copyrighted and are a courtesy of the Yunnan trekking agency Amiwa Trek that also helped us to double-check information and give us insider tips. It might take a bit of time to display the pictures, thank you for your patience.

The Yangzi before the Gorge The entrance of the Gorge Sea of Clouds in the gorge Above the gorge In directions of Yi villages Haba Mountain Red leaves on the way The Yangzi before the Gorge From a Naxi village In Ganhaizi village The Yangzi Notebook on the way Yi cultures Naxi surroundings Villages along the river The boss of the Naxi Family The high trail Walking on the high trail Leaves in November The Gorge close to Half Way GH Going down the Gorge at Tina's The Middle Gorge The Middle Gorge Dangerous way to Woody's